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Q&A- Is a Suicide Attempt a “Cry for Help”, or just a Failed Attempt?

dr susan woodsquestion and answer with Dr. Susan S. Woods

Q: Is a Suicide Attempt a “Cry for Help”, or just a Failed Attempt?

A: When it comes to suicide prevention, splitting hairs over whether the person is “just” crying for help or serious about causing their own death makes no sense.  If someone tells you they are thinking about suicide or they have classic signs of depression (sleeping too much or too little, increased alcohol or drug use, reckless behavior, anger or withdrawal) are all causes for concern.  Suicide attempts can be well thought out, done in isolation or with the use of lethal objects and these are obvious indications of suicidal intent and not just a cry but a scream.  Others, less planned and executed, can be equally deadly.  So if you suspect someone is thinking of death or planning their own death, act and worry about the consequences later.

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