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Q&A- Therapist Not a Good Fit

Susan S. Woods, Ph.D.question and answer with Dr. Susan S. Woods

Q: Recently I started therapy and it is all new to me. I find myself not clicking with my therapist. Should I discontinue with this one and find a better fit or try and work with my current therapist?

A: Most therapy outcome studies tell us that the fit between client and therapist is the most important indicator of successful treatment outcomes.

However, sometimes patients/clients don’t attend sessions frequently enough at the beginning of therapy, become frustrated with their progress and then drop out.

I recommend weekly session initially until you and your therapist have developed a rapport but then if you feel “stuck” or don’t feel a connection, it is time to look for another therapist. But before that

happens, tell your therapist you are not feeling that connection and maybe you both can explore why that is. A therapeutic relationship mirrors other relationships in our lives so what you are feeling with him or her may be reflecting your troubled relationships outside the therapy office. Exploring that with your therapist may help with other “stuck” relationships and improve your connection dramatically with your therapist.

Susan S. Woods, Ph.D.

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